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Love the stainless steel & the attached wisk ball.
If I could change 1 thing… bigger mouthpiece for drinking.

Amazing build quality and ease of use

Easy to clean with modular pieces to better clean. Great all metal bottle and the extra compartment is a bonus when you need a extra shake. All in all it’s a very good product, was searching for a full metal bottle and this is the best.

Not just a beautiful bottle

My Bolde bottle is everything that you said it was. It is quality from top to bottom, inside and out. It keeps my drink cold (even in this unusually hot weather) and it mixes my protein powder completely and quietly. And I get comments about how nice it looks. I would and do recommend Bolde!

Buy it, you'll love it

I've bought many shaker bottles in the past and I stop using them because I'm never satisfied for a variety of reason. This shaker bottle is truly on another level entirely. I have used it every day since it came and cannot find anything negative to say about it. It's just great. My husband loves his also.

Excellent bottle

The bottle is excellent, I deeply enjoy how easy is to clean how sanitary it is, the enjoyment is increased knowing I'm drinking from a very clean bottle that doesn't have any trapped inside the material. I only have one con with the bottle, my con is the capacity is only 16 to 18 Oz, I would prefer 24 to 30 Oz. and I don't know if it's doable, my recommendation would be either offered in two different formats one with false bottom and one without false bottom or simply do it as a 30 Oz bottle that does not have a false bottom. That's my only con with the bottle, otherwise a solid build a solid product would definitely recommend.

Premium shaker bottle

This shaker bottle has it all. Great build quality. Excellent function. I had zero clumps after minimal shaking. First time with any shaker that it came out this smooth. Clean up is a breeze. Just make me a higher capacity bottle and it will be perfect. I need to pick up a few more of these.

Awesome Bottle

Mixes well and easy to clean. Bought 2 of them to rotate!

Love my shaker bottles

These bottles are perfect for me in the car. I don't have to worry about my shakes overheating. So far they seem to be well built.

So much better than a traditional mix bottle!!!

No wire ball falling out.
Great seal on top!

Best shaker ever!

I love this, I put smalll amount of ice and fill it with cold water. Protein on the bottom- this container actually holds quit a bit- stays cold for hours. You don’t need to shake the hell out of it either. Perfection 😃

Bolde Bottle

I have gone thru every bottle, shaker, you name it ! This purchase has been tremendous. Just as described, the Bolde Bottle shakes everything I throw at it. I like the components and ability to clean it. I highly recommend this product, worth every penny

Time to get rid of all of those plastic blender bottles

Finally - a blender bottle serious enough to match how serious you are about fitness. Very premium feel and finish. Get rid of all of those plastic ones!


Sleek design, solid, and easy to clean.


Worth the price. It works great and is able to hold a good amount of supplements.

Sturdy and clean

Love the bottle. Not only is it sturdy. It looks sleek. Keeps my drinks cold .

Great Bottle

Love this bottle

Better than the blender

I love my Bolde bottle. Not only does it mix my shakes perfectly but I can run it through my dishwasher%21%21 As a teacher%2C I love that I can mix my shakes silently so I don’t disturb my stuendts while they are working. Thank you Bolde for creating a better bottle%21%21

For anyone who likes quality

I love this bottle. It even replaced my water bottle, and sometimes I put my latte in it too.

I recommend it to anyone who likes useful quality products.

Great Purchase

This was defenitely a great purchase and the design works as advertised.
Only issue is the cover for the base powder container comes off easy, especially in my truck’s cup holder

Best plastic free workout bottle.

This is my new favorite workout bottle. Trying as much as possible to avoid plastic in products I use in a daily basis so I’m glad to have found Bolde. Looking forward to a bottle in the 32 oz size or close to it.

The best

I upgraded from a long line of stinky plastic shaker bottles. These are amazing! Very solid. I bought 2 and I think I’m probably set for life. Excellent product.

Better than I hoped!

I have some bags of a certain protein meal powder that I hadn't used. This was primarily because unless I used a blender the texture wasn't good and there would be globs in my drink. When I saw the Bolde bottle I decided to take the plunge hoping to make use of this stuff. All I can say is wow! I didn't have to shake the he** out of it, and everything was completely mixed. The only drawback was that the powder compartment won't hold a full serving of this particular powder. Not too big a problem though; it does carry 300 calories worth. Since I have used plenty of other products, I don't see this will be an issue for any other brands.

I added a little crushed ice to the bottle before mixing my drink and I still didn't have clumps kf powder.

I'm excited to use this bottle for those breakfast replacement on the go mornings. This is gonna be perfect!

Awesome bottle!

Love the bottle and quality of it! Love that it’s all stainless. Easy to clean and use. The ONLY thing I wish was different is that it was bigger. I don’t need the compartment at the bottom but I can work with it.

Amazing quality!

I really like my new shakers.. they feel like very high quality, are easily cleaned and consists of almost only metal. Keep it on!