Forge Your Path.

BOLDE® Bottle helps supplement users lead healthier, hassle-free lives with the only all-steel design that solves the issues with traditional plastic bottles. Redefine the status quo for an essential item in your daily health routine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world-class product that eliminates the wasteful disposal and repurchasing of plastic shaker bottles with a healthier alternative.

With BOLDE’s elite set of features and durable design, this is the last shaker you’ll ever need.

Maximize Quality for a Sustainable Future

Unlike other leading brands, BOLDE offers unrivaled durability and quality construction. No odor retention, no cheap parts, just a product built to perform and last.

Maximize the quality of the products you use everyday for more sustainable living.

Whether it's day 1 or day 1000, we're all running our own race at our own speed. This one's for you, from the first step to the last. Forge your Path.