Forge Your Path.

BOLDE® Bottle started with a simple observation: the fitness world has evolved to produce performance-driven, stylish athletic equipment, in every area except one: The Protein Shaker. BOLDE Bottle redefines the status quo for those who refuse to compromise on the products you rely on most.

Our Mission

To deliver the world’s best shaker bottle and inspire each of us to grow at the speed of our own ambitions. BOLDE Bottle offers an elite blend of style and performance with 304 Pro Grade Stainless steel in the lid, patented silent mixer, and bottle. It is the world's first and only shaker bottle to feature complete protection against odor, flavor, and bacteria absorption.

Sustainability & Purpose

We believe there is no place for unsustainable plastic shakers. No cheap quality prone to breaking or wasteful replacement, no odor and flavor absorbing materials, and no area of your lifestyle left unnecessarily exposed to plastics.

Whether it's day 1 or day 1000, we're all running our own race at our own speed. This one's for you, from the first step to the last. Forge your Path.